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About Wallace Richardson

Wally Richardson has been searching diligently for many long years, searching and seeking to find the answers to who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.

No stranger to danger, he entered the U.S. Navy upon graduation from High School in 1941, and soon found himself embroiled in World War II. His goal was to be a Navy fighter pilot flying off of aircraft carriers, and that goal was achieved in 1945.

After leaving the service in 1947 for college, he was recalled to active duty in an “all-fighter” Air Group during the Berlin Blockade, and again, in 1950, when the Korean War erupted.

Flying the famed, F4U “corsair,” he was able to experience many situations that would otherwise not have come his way. In doing so, much soul-searching brought him to the awareness that we are not alone in our sojourns, but are being guided each step of the way, as long as we can learn to listen to the voice within.

Born in Southern California in 1923, Wally grew up with three sisters and an older brother that shared his passion for flying. His mother and father struggled through the Great Depression, trying to feed and clothe a family of seven.

Life wasn’t easy in the ‘30’s, but one thing it did do, was teach him to be independent and self-reliant. A good work ethic and a strong sense of moral integrity were developed in his formative years. His membership in the Boy Scouts of America and his Christian upbringing were a major under-pinning, as he made his way through life.

A strong belief in defending liberty at all costs, he never shied away from protecting the liberties of others. This first became apparent to him while in the South Pacific in the early Nineteen forties, and again over the skies of Korea in 1951.

The awareness was coming over him that he was being protected in many different ways, opportunities for growth ever-widening, and a peace within that defies description. There apparently was someone watching and protecting him at all times.

In 1953 Wally left the Service and joined United Air Lines, where he flew until retiring after over thirty years of service. It was during this time that he began his diligent search for truth and spiritual awareness.

Scouring for old books in used book stores throughout the Eastern United States became a passion with him, and from the materials collected, he began to assemble his first two books,“The Path to Illumination,” and “The Spiritual Value of Gem Stones.”

His current book, “Revelations Revealed,” has been thirty years in unfolding, and is by far his greatest endeavor. Read it!