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ISBN: 9781598588811
248 pages
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About the Book

Revelations, the last chapter in the Holy Bible, tempts many people to struggle with what the word really means, assuming it is predicting future events for mankind on the planet, Earth. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The construction and insertion of the “book” as the last chapter in the New Testament was designed to shut off any additional chapters, which it effectively did. And why was this so? For the simple reason that it was a “wrap-up” of what Jesus taught his disciples, and others of high spiritual awareness.

His last words, “It is finished,” held great meaning of an esoteric nature, for those that understood the oft-said remark of Jesus, - “Let He who has ears to hear, listen.”

The Holy Bible, and particularly the New Testament, was an exoteric tome to those still working on the lower planes of consciousness, but it had much of an esoteric nature to those that could perceive it. Esoteric can best be described as “That which does not involve normal form life, or the average consciousness of Man.”

Revelations Revealed has much information within that will guide the reader into a greater understanding of what life is all about. It will enrich you in many ways, and make your walk down your present path much easier, - if you will apply yourself!

Some of what you will find within the pages is an understanding of where Evolution ended and Creation began; what the true meaning is of Jesus’ statement, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there in the midst of them will I be.”

You will have a greater understanding of how your body is constructed, on the spiritual level and in the physical, - how everything is tied together through your glandular system, working through energy from your Spirit.

You will become aware of the difference between your Spirit and your soul-nature, and what and where the energies come from that animate your physical vehicle.

Esoteric phrases such as “The Mark of the Beast,” the “Seven Powers before the throne of God,” judging the “Twelve Tribes of Israel,” and others will be opened unto you. Who are the “four and twenty elders,” spoken of in Revelations and what significance do they have for you?

All of these things, plus much, much more, will illumine your mind like nothing else you will find.

“What Lies Ahead,” while not a part of the Bible, can boggle the mind, as it projects a window into the future of much that is to be, much that can be, and much that can be avoided of a catastrophic nature- “if Man will but change his ways,” - but will he?