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ISBN: 9781457511141
120 pages
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About the Book

One of the objectives of human evolution is for man to become aware of himself as a soul, becoming aware of the world of spirit, of divine life. The center at the base of the spine, along with the heart and head centers, must eventually come into full functioning activity. This is a tall order for anyone, and takes many “trips to the plate” to master what our spirit requires.

I have purposely omitted talking about the kundalini center, as it can be fraught with danger for anyone trying to force it into activity. Students of the Eastern philosophy, bent on perfection through certain yoga practices of an advanced nature, can literally destroy all previous attainments gained on the path to Nirvana.

In order to remove any curiosity regarding this center, I shall give you the esoteric definition of the kundalini, - esoteric, meaning “that which does not involve normal form life or the average consciousness of man.”