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Excerpt from the Book

The proverb, “Physician, heal thyself,” was cited by Jesus just once, as recorded in the Book of Luke, 4:23. This short quotation has been one of the most oft used expressions in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, and has many connotations connected to it.

Jesus referred to it as a parable, which in essence means a short, generally known sentence containing wisdom, truth, morals, and traditional views. It would have been closer to the point had He used the term, “Physician, know thyself.”

For those that recognize that the New Testament is both an exoteric and esoteric tome, it takes on a vast, greater meaning. After you have studied its inner meaning, you will realize that to “heal thyself,” you have to first “know thyself.”

The Christ gave two other statements that should help and encourage you, if you truly want to heal thyself. First, in the book of Matthew, 7:7 He gives the Divine Directives, i.e., “Ask and ye shall receive, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and the door will be opened unto you.” But to further assure you, in the book of John, 14:12, He declares, “These things I do, the very least of ye shall do, only greater things than this, because I go unto my Father.”

If it is your desire to seek the greater verities, this book is dedicated. With proper application, your rewards can be great.


Before unraveling the mysteries of the human body, it is necessary to make several important premises. The most important and foremost, is recognizing that there is no separation between you and God! It has been the tendency of many followers and believers of the Christian teachings, that we are “down here,” and God is “somewhere up there” in Heaven. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Secondly, recognize that your Spirit is a reflection of that “God-force,” and en-souls itself within the human body.

Third, understand that everything is energy, and recognize it as atoms. We cannot see an atom, but it is accepted that everything that exists is composed of atomic structure, and therefore, all is energy.

Fourth, energy follows thought, - a basic, but powerful axiom, but one which will help and guide you to success and fulfillment in what the Christ admonished, when He said, “Physician, heal thyself.”

Finally, it is necessary to recognize and accept the awareness and truth of re-incarnation of our souls. Without this acknowledgement, nothing will make much sense.

As a working hypothesis, we can assume that man is a soul and possesses a body, and that there is a uniform medium linking these two in the form of an energy body.

If some of this premise is too difficult for you to accept, come along anyway. You are loved.

Shall we begin?


The main focus in the West is on the Endocrine glands, and in the East, they consider the energy forces overlying the Endocrine glands as being primary.

The Oriental psychology deals with the cause, whether that self is the human divine self, functioning in its own little world of mental, emotional and physical activities, or the Great Self, in whom all lesser selves live and move and have their being. The West emphasizes the mechanism, and its tendency toward the denial of the soul and of a motivating, intelligent power. For it, the Spirit of God was never there. This, according to Alice Bailey.

In the Western thought, “as a man’s glands and nervous systems are, so is he.” His temperament, natural qualities and intelligent handling of his life experiences and of his environment are determined by his endocrine system. The East contend that as a man’s chakra centers are, so is he.

They feel the activity of certain focal points of energy in the human etheric body determine his character, his method of expression, his type, and also the tenure of his body. They feel that his activities on the physical plane are entirely dependent upon the qualities of force flowing through his centers, - according to Alice Bailey.

The East believes that the soul is the entity, and that matter is spirit or energy in its’ lowest manifestation, while in the West, the accepted belief is that the physical vehicle is primary, and fully controls the functioning of the body.

Webster defines the soul as an entity, conceived as the essence, substance, or actuating cause of individual life – the vehicle of individual existence, separate in nature from the body and usually held to be separate in existence. This is also the primary belief of the Eastern teachings, and resonates with Christian beliefs, but is not an accepted fact in the medical profession.

The Eastern thought is not necessarily better than the Western. It is different. It starts from another angle of approach. Both East and West are specialized in their thinking. Through all of this, we eventually come to the conclusion that, together, they constitute the One Reality.

To sum up the Eastern psychology, it deals with that which it claims lies back of the form. It is spiritual and transcendental. It assumes a soul and a spirit and all of its deductions and conclusions are based on this premise. While fully admitting the form and its structure, it lays the emphasis upon the one who uses the form and the energy with which he drives it forward.

The problem with that psychology, is the East recognizes the physical, but scorns it, and in so doing, becomes responsible for the miserable physical condition of the Orient. Likewise, in the West, certain tenets of various religious organizations ignore the medical abilities to help a person heal, relying only on prayer and their chosen dogma, consequently causing pain, suffering and death on those involved, when a cure could have been realized.

The defects of the two systems are plain and produce deplorable results in each case. This is beginning to change, as there is a greater acceptance in the Western world, of that which is beyond the normal veil of human consciousness.

All of this being said, let us explore both tenets of belief, and see what we can do to find the key to the Christ’s admonition, “Physician, heal thyself.”