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About Wally & Jenny Richardson with Lenora Huett

WALLY RICHARDSON is a retired Airline Pilot and businessman, and has been a student of metaphysical teachings for many years. His avocation is writing and research, as well as lecturing on the arcane sciences and early Christian history. He is co-author with Lenore Huett and his wife, Jenny Richardson of The Path to Illumination. His more recent books, in conjunction with his wife are Revelations Revealed and Physician, Heal Thyself. Their upcoming book, What You Do, Makes You What You Are, will be on the market soon.

JENNY RICHARDSON has spent many years in the study of comparative religions, and techniques of healing through the vegetable kingdom, and through the powers of the mind. Her current research is developing and interpreting the auric field.

LEONORA HUETT was used as the channel for the material in this book. To be a channel for the higher forces is a long process of development, and Lenora has devoted many years in this lifetime to opening this center within her, through prayer and meditation. Her work includes spiritual counseling. Since this book was first published, Lenora is no longer with us.