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Excerpt from the Book

Since earliest recorded history man has held an affinity with stones, whether as priceless gems or semi-precious stones used as talismans, amulets, or ornamental decoration. They are referred to in the sacred books, both contemporary and ancient, and within the Christian religion of the Western world.

Specific references are made to them in both the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible. Yet, scarcely any knowledge has been brought to light regarding their use or true value, other than in a materialistic manner.

All we really have available to us is a list of “birth stones,” and there is such a disparity in this regard, both as to the proper stone for a particular month, and reason for its use, that it is of value only in a general sense.

What we are going to cover in the chapters ahead are some of the true values of various stones, their use and application in the present day, and in the case of some, their prophesized future use in the years ahead.

You may well ask, even as we did “how can a stone, an inanimate object, have any spiritual value or influence upon mortal man?” This is a legitimate question, and it is only necessary to recognize and understand the meaning of one word, manifestation. All that is, is a manifestation of God, whether we recognize it as solid, liquid, gaseous, heat, cold, dense or etheric. Everything is atomic, everything is composed of atoms of energy, and there is CONSCIOUSNESS INHERENT IN ALL FORMS OF LIFE, however minute and simple that consciousness might be.

Within our current thinking, we retain the concept of separateness, of individual isolation, of being “an island unto ourselves,” and yet, everything, every form, every organism within all forms, all aspects of manifested life in every kingdom in nature are intimately related to each other, even unto our solar system, our galaxy, our Universe. We are ONE!

To consider this principle, let us go back to the beginning of time, when the fiat rang forth, “Let there be Light!” That one word, LIGHT, is the secret to unraveling all of the mysteries of the Universe of God, if we can but grasp its true meaning.

Let us look at it in its simplest form. Light is ALL THERE IS, radiating out from the God-head, and we recognize that it has two aspects to its nature, - these aspects are generally described as “positive and negative.” Light as we know and recognize it, flows forth from the Sun, and is differentiated by science from the One Light - yet make no mistake about it, - when all light, heat, energy, sound, color, vibration and other manifestations are reduced to their lowest common denominator, it is still the Light of the ONE.

Since we work within the lowest energies of Light, let us consider them briefly. Light as we know it, has a vibrational rate, or wave length, and the range of this visible light we recognize as the spectrum, generally ranging in rate from between 4200- 6800 wave-lengths in angstrom units. Wave-lengths of color longer than our range of vision are referred to as infra-red and radio-waves, and those shorter than our visual range, as ultraviolet, x-ray or cosmic.

If you recognize that visible light involves only a very limited range of the true spectrum, you will note that our five senses are extremely limited in their receiving ability, both as to sound and color. This is not to say that we do not receive or respond to higher or lower rates of light or energy. We do, but through the more etheric vehicles of the soul.

Now let us return to the ONE light, streaming forth through the cosmos in its myriad forms. As it manifests into matter, we detect these as atoms, the building blocks of all things. Until recently, science has generally considered the proton, neutron and electrons of the atom, as the lowest divisible unit. However, there is now the awareness of separation into even smaller units of energy. For our consideration, let us stop at the atom, whose countless variations make up the structure of atomic particles, containing a force-field, a rate of vibration and a degree of consciousness. Beyond this, it is not necessary to delve, but only to recognize that they are a reflection of the One Light, and from this multitudinous variety of atomic structures our Universe is created.

As the atom has an expression of “positive and negative,” and is light or energy streaming from the One Source, it has a consciousness, - an awareness of “be-ing,” and we can define this expression in the term, “I AM.” This, of course, would not be consciousness as we know it, but rather an innate knowledge of procreation, knowing that it can reproduce itself.

As it is light or energy, it has a vibrational rate, thus all atoms of the same structure and of the same number of protons, electrons and neutrons in identical arrangement can be said to be of like-consciousness.

It is an esoteric law that atomic particles must come into alignment with each other to fulfill their divine plan and as this is done, we have what are termed molecules; combinations of atoms drawn together for a specific purpose. Thus two atoms of hydrogen combined with one atom of oxygen form water, as a very basic illustration. In every particle of matter, in every design of nature, there is seen the infinite beauty of this polarity of the positive and negative aspects of God.