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ISBN: 9781457524639
280 pages
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About the Book

The guidance of this book can be most helpful to those who are bogged down along life’s pathway with questions questions, questions. Where does one go to seek the truth? Where does truth come from? Why is there so much negativity in the world of today, and of yesteryear?

This book should bring many answers to each individual soul. At the same time, it will most likely take each mind down trails of new questions and seekings.

Be aware of your own understanding, and know that as you have different steps, or paths that have been opened to you, so will those around you investigate the same areas, but at different times.

Follow your feelings, and your deeper understanding through these pages, - let these answers sink into your many levels of consciousness, and let the new stream of questions be released.

The constantly unfolding path is not only intriguing, but as exciting as TOMORROW.

Master of the Mind