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Excerpt from the Book
I - Illumination

Illumination is a concept we understand in its relationship to everyday living. An area is illuminated when light is focused on it, either through solar or mechanical energy. In similar fashion, soul illumination takes place through the casting of light on truth.

By using energies working within us, what we wish to see becomes exposed to our consciousness. Illumining of the soul is a process demanding more than just turning a switch and stepping into light. It first requires desire. This is the goad, the stimulus needed to turn the switch and to generate energy for illumination, and it functions much as a rheostat; the greater the desire, the brighter the light.

In search of enlightenment, the following questions were presented that we might all better understand what our souls have been seeking down through the ages.

* * *

What is the spiritual definition of Illumination?

Illumination is that process which causes man to become filled with light, which is also love and power. It is the awakening of the Christ center within a living vehicle, and it causes bodily changes. It literally makes light come into the body cells and causes illnesses to be slowed or to regress. It is the awakening of inherent knowledge within a soul that has been dormant in this particular lifetime. One who attains illumination in any given life can no longer regress to a lesser state or plane. This may be slightly hidden in the beginning of a succeeding lifetime, but it will leap out quickly and make itself known.

By this, we mean coming into a new awareness, or an awakening, and progressing into a new consciousness, which is much higher than one has experienced thus far on the planet earth.

Illumination comes to many in different forms, yet all experience in common the perception of having reached a higher plane, or level, - a feeling of looking down upon the earth from a new perspective, as though from the heavens above. This looking down causes people to be seen as equals and situations as something to be acted upon or confronted, without emotional responses. One knows all things are in their proper place, and through this, one can learn.

If circumstances change, or crises occur at this point, new awareness flows to one as the need arises. Once this illumination is achieved, life will not necessarily be easier, but a clearer view of it is obtained. All things will be taken in stride, for one knows they will prove to be as lessons. Discouragement may come, but it does not last, for there is the knowing that one is progressing ever forward.

Is the path to illumination in reality, the elevating of one’s consciousness to a higher plane?

Yes, - this must be accomplished by certain stages or steps, however there are those who appear to do this more rapidly than others. Recall the importance of previous lives and attainments. There is not only the elevation of consciousness, but there is also a letting-go, for as one is able to let go of the blocks which surround him, he is then able to be automatically elevated or released. Nothing accomplished in any given life is lost, therefore, TRY! This is the only way.

The higher plane referred to is merely a new awareness, and a coming out of a darker area. Each time you are able to grasp a series of thoughts in a broader sense, you are reaching a higher level of consciousness. For example, read, or re-read, your Bible or sacred book. Note that as time progresses, you can, or should be able to, perceive new truths in the same words, or deeper meanings in a familiar story.

The sense of higher is only a relative position. Man has so long felt that things higher from the earth were closer to God. This is not necessarily so. Only by the use of the term higher, are we able to use the term free-er, and these two are interchangeable.

In this process, there are varying degrees, for some are able to reach into specified areas while remaining backward in others, - backward, meaning lack of progress, and not a regression.