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The guidance of this book can be most helpful to those who are bogged down along life’s pathway with questions questions, questions. Where does one go to seek the truth? Where does truth come from? Why is there so much negativity in the world of today, and of yesteryear?

This book should bring many answers to each individual soul. At the same time, it will most likely take each mind down trails of new questions and seekings. Read more

About Wally & Jenny Richardson with Lenora Huett

Wally Richardson is a retired airline pilot and businessman, and has been a student of metaphysical teachings for many years. His avocation is writing and research on the arcane sciences, and early Christian history.

Jenny Richardson has spent many years in the study of comparative religions, and techniques of healing through the vegetable kingdom, and through the powers of the mind. She is currently investigating methods of seeing and interpreting the auric field.
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Excerpt from the Book

Illumination is a concept we understand in its relationship to everyday living. An area is illuminated when light is focused on it, either through solar or mechanical energy.
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