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Excerpt from the Book


Let us journey back through eons of time, - as we perceive it, - to a period when our Divine nature was a complete and total part of God, the Causative, pure force of Creation. Our many world religions speak of this condition as the Heaven-world, State of Samadhi, or in more general terms as the State of Grace.

The opening sentence in the Book of Genesis states, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

These dynamic words begin an allegory which in a few paragraphs takes in a sweep of many billions of years of evolution and creation. It is the language of symbols, as the book of Revelations is, which is the ultimate in perfection, because there is no misunderstanding in what is being said, and when properly perceived, there is no necessity to make explanations about things.

Let us begin by saying that the space you now observe as our "Local Universe," was once a black void that stretched out into an endless eternity. There was neither wind nor elements of any kind, - all was in utter quiescence, of a type incomprehensible to man. Yet, within this void there was a vast world of life and ceaseless activity that far surpassed in beauty and grandeur any thing that we on earth have ever known.

Within this state of Consciousness is a vast hierarchy of Great Beings, which form the governing bodies of that one Supernal Deity. They are referred to within the Holy Scriptures as Archangels, Angelic beings, Lords, and names of a similar nature, - the "Ancient of Days," would be a name familiar to many, and within this strata of consciousness, there flowed a stream of the God-force, made up of infinite numbers of divine sparks, or spiritual entities, of which you and I are a part.

Whether you can conceive of your magnificent, infinite nature, or not, its' underlying forces have activated your consciousness down through eons of time, and within your unconscious mind, there is a sensing of these truths.

Aware of our innate ability to create, we desired an expression of ourselves through many areas of creation, a desire as though inaccessible to the original nature of the stream of God-force of which we are a part.

In order to attain this, our desire and will to create became so strong as to lower our vibrations just slightly, - enough to create the illusion of being separate from the life-stream of the God-force.

We were benevolently cautioned that we were placing ourselves into an entirely new dimension of thought which would eventually cause those involved untold misery. It would blind us for eons of time to our true nature, blotting out all knowledge of our true identity.

Biblically stated, it would drive us from our Garden of Eden or State of Grace. and we would become completely lost in the jungles of a furious desire over which we would have little control.

"Eat not of this tree of knowledge,” we were cautioned, "for on the day that you do, you shall perish." (Genesis 2, vs. 17.)

Our life-stream of the God-force, being of a strong-willed and rather rebellious nature, argued that we well knew the chances we were taking, but that a way had been devised of returning to our Eden if things did not progress well. (This method is at the heart of the Book of Revelations.) There was the feeling that, being "Creators in our own right," we had a right to create things after our own way and fashion.

Again, we were cautioned that this would not only bring misery to the endless millions who would be drawn in with us, but also the vast masses of divine sparks that had yet to come into this lower etheric vibration.

And further, that though we may find a path back, the stay shall be but a very short time, and even of that there shall be no memory or knowledge, for there will be the almost immediate return to the new low vibration we were planning to create. (The process of re-incarnation.)

As the first chapters in the Book of Genesis reveal, our Universal Will would not be deterred, and slowly and carefully, Inner-motion was changed to Outer-motion, (the eating of the fruit in the Garden of Eden,) and the vibrational rate of our Life-stream was gently lowered. Note: There is a strong suggestion that along with our life-stream came a counter-part of loving, caring devotion that has been referred to as the Angelic kingdom, headed by the Archangel Michael.

Referred to in Revelation 12:7, he is designated as the leader of the "heavenly army," that large host of heavenly beings that we refer to as "guardian angels," that watch over each of us as we struggle to find our way back home.

Details of the events that followed would be pointless to describe except to state that within an area called the Black Void, - our current Local Universe, - vast amounts of energy were set in motion, creating terrific vibratory waves and ever-widening magnetic fields, generating tremendous exploding fields of oxygen and hydrogen through untold billions of miles of void.

This clashing of energies became an atom-smasher of devastating strength and proportion, releasing many new energies, the most important of which we now term radiant energy."

Energy became cyclonic, rushing out in spiral waves, creating spiral-like vortexs’ in the chaotic darkness, which eventually over ages of time, began to accumulate weight, attracting all lighter bodies within their energy fields.

At this point, the law of natural selectivity began to take its effect, wherein atoms of like vibration or affinity, began to attract to each other and coalesce, a process we are well aware of in our chemical world.

The net result of all of this was that all planets, heavenly bodies of whatever kind, were formed or came into being by the Law of Selectivity and Repulsion that one chemical has for another, and much of the activity of the entire Cosmos had to do with the size and weight of one body over another, its directional motion and vibratory rate, and its' distance in relation to other bodies.

As these planetary bodies grew, they became caldrons of intense heat, which acted as a sterilizing agent to keep the growing bodies from being over-run by the many billions of etheric germs that swarmed in inter-stellar space.

As the cooling process began, sulfuric gas clouds many thousands of miles deep formed around them, blocking off the intense heat rays of the Central Sun, and eventually each planet, each star, began to slowly form what we term its environment, - its atmosphere and energy fields.

We come now to the arena we were given to work within, to create the beauty of god in our own image, - to bear the stamp of our own individuality. The first six chapters of Genesis very aptly describe this diaphanous state of Creation we would have dominion over.

Although we would be working with the implanted forces of energy, they had their own evolutionary forces or cycles, which are natural laws of the Universe. These forces, which are a projection of Divine patterns, led to the natural evolution of the mineral, the plant, and the animal kingdoms in Nature. These forces were to run their course separate from infusion by ourselves.

These were forces cyclic in nature, which involved the cycle of generation, birth, growth, decline, death, degeneration and then regeneration again. And while of a cyclic nature, they were fed by seven separate rays or qualities of expression of the God-force. These energies will be referred to in Revelations, as the "Seven Powers before the Throne of God."

Now, imagine the force of this earth arena, - its original impulse intrusted in the hands of Spirits such as ourselves, without physical form, and in a realm of existence quite beautiful and brilliant, - perfect, and fused with love.

Working as one, we began the mutations of that original force which eventually brought about the creation of physical matter. Over countless ages we worked and watched as the diorama slowly unfolded, mindful of the miraculous manner in which all things came into being, and the vast variety of beauty that was slowly unfolding.

For many ages there was the inhabiting of the earth by us in bodily forms that were not physical, but gaseous or ethereal in nature, - working side-by-side with the physical forms, eventually our whole soul walking as spiritual beings upon the face of the earth.

At this point in time, only our conscious awareness could be implanted, and not our Will, for that was the desire and intent at the beginning of earth habitation. This energy force we used to walk the planetary body is as a trinity of energy, i.e., the God-force, our conscious awareness, and the tie between, which in Revelations is indicated by the top three seals that are opened.

As time went by, and evolution slowly evolved under our dominion, we began to notice that one particular species in the animal kingdom began to stand on its' own two feet and walk erect. This species has been termed the primate, and began to command a very special attention and fascination as we moved alongside these beings.

We, as puppeteers, began to wonder what it must feel like, if we were the puppet, and could we, as Co-creators of Divine Force, improve this being by actually occupying its' physical vehicle, and thereby making it a more perfect form or expression of God.

It is in this area of the Planet's growth, where so much contention has been aroused by the "creationists," and the "evolutionists,” and in the broader sense, both are correct. The primate was a definite product of evolution, but when we, as assignees of creativity, began to project a sliver of our Will-force within these beings, we created Man. This occurrence is depicted allegorically in the book of Genesis, in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

This process we call ensouling, hence the term, "body and soul." The quaint story of making Eve from a rib of Adam's body, is meant to indicate that we desired expression at both ends of the spectrum, i.e., experiencing both the male and female aspects of incarnation. (This brought on the sex drive and has been at the root of many of our transgressions and heartaches ever since.)

This great fascination with the primate form did not go unnoticed, and we were again warned, "Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of Life, for the moment you do, you will be caught up in the physical, cyclic pulsation's of life and death, and dis-entanglement will be extremely difficult."

All warnings went unheeded, and we began to project a sliver of our Spirit into these primates, - energy we shall identify as Will and Desire, thereby bringing intention and choice into play.

In the story of Adam and Eve, this is symbolized by their eating of the fruit, however, this very important event in time is known also as the fall from Grace, the fallen Star, Lucifer, the anti-Christ, the prodigal Son, and other such terms. In symbology, it is depicted as the down-pointed triangle.

The net effect of all of this is that while we watched over the earth's evolution, we were still within a cocoon of the God-force, protected and fully aware of our divine nature.

By projecting a sliver of our Spirit or soul into the physical cycles of earth, we slowly moved out of our cocoon, began to lose sight of our true nature and immortality, and began thinking that we were separated, or putting it another way, feeling that "we are down here, and God is somewhere up there," in Heaven.

This confusion is the basis of Original Sin, - not in the projecting of consciousness into the physical bodies, but in thinking that we were separated from God. This book will have served its purpose if even a few will recognize and accept that there is no separation, nor will there ever be. It is only our conscious, lower mind that deludes us into thinking so.

Before we consider further the plunging of our Will and Consciousness into the physical life-streams of Earth, we need to touch upon the method we had devised to return to our state of grace if "things did not go well."

Knowing of the "Seven powers before the Throne of God," or "The Seven Rays," we were aware of their different degrees of vibration, which are at the cornerstone of all manifested life. We knew how to lower and raise these vibrations, to work with the physical matter, and were particularly adept at the three highest levels of vibration, - or to be more precise, "levels of consciousness."

We speak of these as the holy Triad, or "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." Within this area of creativity we could effectively manipulate matter without getting caught up in the cyclic nature of matter and energy that made up the planetary body.

The highest level is our true state of consciousness as a spiritual being, and is referred to in Revelations as the Seventh seal. It is also known as the "state of Samahdi," "Seventh Heaven," and referred to in the Eastern teachings as the "Crown Chakra.

The next, slightly lower vibratory level is referred to as the Buddhic state, or the "higher mind of Spirit." Revelations refers to this as the Sixth seal, but it is more commonly recognized by the term, "the Third eye, or all-seeing Eye of the soul." This level has always been the pivotal point between our Spirit and manifested life.

The lowest of these three levels is referred to as the Will center, - the area in which our higher mind directs its creative processes. As long as we worked within this area of creativity, we were doing the will of the Father, - we were resident within the "Garden of Eden," and all was well.

Unfortunately, our desire to experience our creations, to "eat of the Tree of Life," tempted us to project a portion of our consciousness through the Will center, down into the four lower levels of manifestation we know of as physical matter, and which esoterically is known as the desire body.

Jesus, when doing healing within these four lower levels of energy, would always end his supplications with, "nonetheless, Father, not my Will, but thine be done," - fully aware that in all true healing, it is "the Father within that doeth the Works," from the three highest levels of consciousness.

It is in this area where so many have been confused in differentiating between Spirit and Soul. In projecting a sliver of our Spirit into consciousness, we ensouled that consciousness with a portion of our Spirit. Hence, the soul is but a small sliver or reflection of the greater Spirit that is your true self.

So while the Soul expresses itself in physical awareness as "I Am," the Spirit, in its’ totality as "one with God," expresses itself as "I" am that "I Am.", much as a body of water might express its true nature in relation to a drop of water extracted from it.

The results of "eating of the tree of life," were exactly as warned. We began to find that lowering our energy vibrations, (or projecting our Spirit into matter) was one thing, but raising them back up was quite another, or putting it another way, it is easy to immerse your feet in clay, but extricating it is an entirely different matter.

The book of Revelations, the teachings of the Greater Mysteries, and the many other arcane teachings, have to do with these seven levels of energy, what they are, their location and most important, proper techniques of raising that energy back to its true state of consciousness.

Jesus instructed his Disciples in these techniques, much as the Essenes and the High Priests had instructed their adherents in a like manner.

This teaching, or Secret Doctrine, as it was often referred to, was not for everyone in those times, and Jesus often counseled his disciples to "cast not your pearls before the swine, lest they trample it underfoot," knowing that a simple belief in God was sufficient for the time, and simple parables would suffice for the average person, and would not tend to confuse him.

The book of Revelations was the author's attempt to describe this Secret Doctrine in an allegory of symbols, making it completely clear to those of higher understanding, but completely befuddling to the profane. And he sends up a signal the moment he begins to describe these seven levels of manifestation by saying, "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches." Are you ready to hear?